RC Costruzioni is active in all sectors of the high-end corporate construction industry, carrying out renovation, refurbishment, and new construction projects.

Thanks to its technical team’s sound experience and know how, RC Costruzioni is able to execute complex structural works. The company devotes outmost attention to quality & safety aspects, and to on time and on budget execution.

The degree of complexity of the projects in which RC Costruzioni is involved, often managed on the client side by international engineering and architectural teams, makes it possible for the company and its employees to keep constantly updated on the cutting edge technologies and the latest construction materials available on the market including components and systems.

Although active in all sectors of the private works construction industry, RC Costruzioni has specialized in renovations in main historical city centers, heritage buildings and luxury real estate, Fashion & Luxury Retail and Luxury & Boutique Hotels.

In addition, RC Costruzioni has developed an excellent know how in the execution of highly complex mechanical, electrical and special systems, made as those utilized in Luxury & Boutique Hotels as well as in major Fitness & Wellnes Centers.